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What is Self-Advocacy?

Self-advocacy is the ability to speak-up for yourself and the things that are important to you. Self-advocacy means you are able to ask for what you need and want and tell people about your thoughts and feelings. Self-advocacy means you know your rights and responsibilities, you speak-up for your rights, and you are able to make choices and decisions that affect your life. The goal of self-advocacy is for YOU to decide what you want then develop and carry out a plan to help you get it. It does not mean you can’t get help if you need or want it, it just means that you are making the choices and you have to be responsible for the choices you make.

Why is Self-Advocacy important?

It is important to learn self-advocacy skills because it helps you decide what you want and what is possible for you to expect. When you have good self-advocacy skills you can have more control and make the life decisions that are best for you. Self-advocacy helps to empower you, to speak-up for yourself and make decisions about your life.

Self-Advocacy for people with intellectual disability

People who have an intellectual disability have faced many forms of labeling, marginalization and discrimination throughout history. Self-advocates all over the world have made it clear that the way to be valued is to be included; in communities, in schools, in jobs, in faith-based organizations and in society. They, along with families have worked hard to close institutions all over the world and to build a future where all people are valued. Self-advocates in 1998 in The Hague told Inclusion International "Don't Prevent Us, Include Us."

Self-Advocacy at I'dad Center

At I'dad Center, we are moving forward in Self-Advocacy capacity building. Last year, we had performed the elementary basic course for our grown-up youth. This year we are applying for a fund from Disability Rights Fund to provide follow-up courses over the next two years in collaboration with Mosan Center in Tyre (sour). During these two years we will organize series of training programs on different levels and for different parties. We offer:
  • Self advocacy capacity building for persons with intellectual disability.
  • Training courses for trainees, personnel, administrators, and others.
  • Training for parents and family members.

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