Distant Learning

About distant learning and COVID-19:

In the invasion of the Corona virus in Lebanon, the great spread of infection, and after the suspension of many jobs and the activation of the methodology of self-quarantine in homes to stop the peak of the spread of cases of Coronavirus, the Friends of the Disabled Association, like all institutions, committed to forced closure. We found ourselves facing a new experience, which is fully or partially performing work from home and communicating with each other through daily and weekly meetings through Zoom and WhatsApp technology, which made this experience successful and beneficial to all the work team, parents and students.

Home quarantine began with developing new, innovative, and varied programming and developing individual plans that fit the capabilities and needs of our students. On this basis, a meeting was held with all the educational and therapeutic staff to involve them in setting goals in order to motivate them to become the main partner in the remote programming processes. In addition, they discussed educational treatment plans and the needs of our students individually during these circumstances. Here, work began within the Academic and Professional Education Department to develop a distance education plan, aiming at completing the IEP educational plan, reviewing goals and creating a type of communication between officials and educators on one side, and helping and guiding parents on the other hand. After the directions of the president of the association Dr. Moussa Charafeddine and the Director Dr. Roland Lahoud, it was agreed to set up a weekly remote meeting for all employees and department officials via WhatsApp / Zoom meetings to discuss the Individualized Educational Plan for each student in the group.

Also, the Friends of the Disabled Association has strengthened all steps related to the sterilization of the entire center, and classrooms, treatment rooms, playgrounds, and offices have been provided with the necessary sterilization tools, in addition to that, a preventive sterilization device has been developed at the entrance of the institution for all students, employees and visitors.