Greenhouse Agricultural Tent

Greenhouse Agricultural Tent: not accomplished 

Greenhouses/ Agricultural tents are important for investment in the field of agricultural production, especially for vegetables that are produced at different periods than their original harvesting season. This is due to the modern and advanced technologies that underlie the crops and produce by controlling the surrounding environmental conditions in terms of temperature, humidity and sunlight in addition to the regulation of fertilization and irrigation elements.

This method of cultivation has many benefits that include increasing the income where the crop ripens earlier, the possibility of harvesting produce of different seasons at the same time, and protecting the plant from external weather fluctuations. Its benefits also include obtaining the largest amount of produce possible by growing summer crops outside of the typical season, and finally planting crops in earlier periods during unsuitable weather conditions by planting seeds at earlier times.

As for people with difficulties, agriculture contributes to: encouraging them to eat healthy food, providing physical exercises, enhancing self-confidence, developing the individual's abilities to analyze and conclude, improving concentration, memory and cognitive skills, developing sensory skills, and positively affecting mood and mental health.