The Board Member

The Board

The Board is responsible for running the activities of the Friends of the Disabled Association.
The members of the Board are elected by the General Assembly every three years.
The current Board members (elected 16 March 2019) are:

President: Dr. Moussa Charafeddine


Vice President: Mr Rami Nasser


Secretary: Mr Naji Banjak


Treasurer: Mrs Doha Halabi


Parent Affaires: Mrs May Osseiran


Media Affaires: Mrs Alice Azouri


Fund Raising Affaires: Mrs Salam Charafeddine


Bazar Affaires: Mrs Batoul Charafeddine


Communications Affaires: Mrs Maryam Hamadan


Youth Committee Affaires: Mrs Dana Hachem


Relationship Affaires: Mrs Suzan Nassereddine


Supports Affaires: Heba Bleik